Sunday, September 4, 2011


This is the list I made for this summer:

June 13-18  Finish pattern and put together kit for Sock Monkey quilt  (check)
June 20-25  Finish cutting and sew together the top of the Single Girl quilt (still working on this)
June 27-July 2  Make a cooking video "How to make Pulled Pork" (I didn't buy pork all summer, too expensive- had to save for the trip!)
July 4-9  Start reupholstering the love seat (check)
July 11-16 Write a pattern for my strawberry fields quilt (check)
July 18-23  Finish the Strawberry Cake quilt (nope)
July 25-30  Finish reupholstering the love seat (not even close)
August 1-6  Build a bridge with Ethan (check!!)
August 8-13  Organize, Sort, and clean craft room (check more than once- it keeps getting dirty again)
August 15-20  Halloween Advent Calendar (not yet, but SOON!)

Things I did that weren't on the list- Painted butterflies, painted shift key paintings, made 3 messenger bags for the kiddos, Sold 3 items from my etsy store (they were all the same flower- a girl wore them in her wedding), made a cute little travel purse for me, and patched clothes a lot!

So there you are, I finished half of my summer projects.  I bought myself a prize for when I finish:  a set of melamine stacking bowls in 5 delicious colors...  I want them so bad!  Time to get my rear in gear!
Thanks for dropping by.

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