Thursday, May 30, 2013

Kendra's Green juice

So I've been trying to lose weight. My fitness pal has been the app I've been using on my phone to help me along. The first 5 pounds just came off no problem. Then for almost three weeks I just stayed at the same weight. Boo. So I decided to join the juicing craze to jump start some more weight loss.
I decided a ten day juice fast would be the ticket.
I've been using a Breville juicer. Borrowed it from my amazing mother in law. 
My plan was to drink juice for every meal and two juice snacks a day. I did pretty good, with occasional snitches of food off my 3 year olds plate at dinner. It's only fair. He drank some of every juice batch I made!
I found that for breakfast and snacks that I loved making straight-up fruit juice, delicious!! And it kept me on track to enjoy the juice so much. But for lunch and dinner, I always added veggies and herbs.
My list of must haves: oranges, limes, lemons, golden delicious apples, pears, strawberries, kale, cucumber, romaine, spinach, carrots, ginger, and mint.
This is my recipe for the green juice I liked the most:

Kendra's Green Juice
Golden delicious apple
Half a cucumber 
A stalk of kale
Handful of spinach
Two sprigs of sweet mint
One inch of fresh ginger
Wash, cut off stems and ends, juice!
I love all my juice with lots of ice.
Today is my last day and I've been able to shed 6 pounds. :-)