Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Very Scary Wreath

I made this wreath using THIS tutorial.
Easy enough I thought, I think I'll make two I thought. 
Four or five hours later and 4 glue sticks, 600 little scalloped circles, and a very tired hand later I was finished with the main wreath.  I added the black paper rose just because I had it lying around (another pinterest tutorial I had tried).  And I made the web with the hot glue on some wax paper- I just cut away the wax paper when the glue dried.  The cute little spider is made of beads and was part of a bead necklace I had for a Halloween candle- from back in the day when I sold candles...

After all that I decided to make just one wreath.  I have mixed feelings about selling this one.  I love it, and I hope it doesn't sell so that I can hang it up at my house!

Halloween Wall Art

I've been inspired by all the free vintage clip art on The Graphics Fairy website.  I love that site.  AND I love Halloween.  So I printed out a few of the Halloween images I loved and set to work.  For two of the pieces I hand-painted the art using the picture as a guide and for the framed piece I just printed out the graphic, Mod Podged it to a canvas I painted orange and then framed it using some left over molding and my miter saw.  I painted the molding black before attaching it to the canvas.  I just glued it on using silicon glue against the canvas and wood glue at the mitered corners.  I did fill the cracks with some wood putty and then painted over it, but it wasn't really that necessary.  I love how they turned out, my mother-in-law wants to buy them from me and my five year old daughter said it looks like a "real artist" made them.  Thanks, I think.?