Sunday, July 3, 2011

Shift Key Paintings

A long time ago Brian and I saw some awesome paintings at Target that were in a set of four.  We thought that they would look nice in the office that we would someday have...  Someday came, but we searched and searched for the paintings and couldn't find them.  Boo!
Finally we did find them on Target's website- after a lot of different searches.  We found out that they were called shift key paintings and that they cost $80.  A piece.  That's right $80 each.  That's $340!  No Way.
So Brian and I messaged each other at the exact same time with the same solution- Why don't we make them.?
So we did, and the whole project cost us less than $30.  Here are the results:

First, we (mostly Brian) painted the backgrounds on all the canvases.
We made stencils out of freezer paper.  Used a little glue stick to keep them in place on the canvas, and then used pouncers (little round foam craft brushes made for stenciling) and painted in the background color of the stencil.

 After the stencil area dried, we painted all the details on, with the freezer paper still in place.
 Once that dried we pulled off the freezer paper stencil and added any extra details to the picture as a whole.

Then we hung them- they look awesome!  If you want to see the originals that we based ours off of check them out HERE.  Just scroll down on the link to see the pictures we chose to make.


  1. you guys are amazing! Seriously!

  2. Thanks Amanda, it was super fun to do a project with Brian. Maybe someday when we retire we can paint together and make millions, ha ha ha.