Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beach crafts

I've been away on vacation for the past week.  It was sandy, hot, breezy, wet- and super-duper fun.  I did some beachcombing while I was there.  I kept seeing these super cute drift wood sticks all over the place and I remembered seeing a drift wood wreath in a recent Pottery Barn magazine- so I started gathering sticks.  I think my relatives thought the sun was getting to me ;)
I started weaving them together and after about two days of gathering and weaving I had myself a cute little wreath.  Perfect for my daughters bathroom- that I'm slowing turning into a beach themed bathroom (I know!  So original- right!?)
When I got home I hot glued a bunch of shells and some rocks that we found on the beach into the wreath.  And then I glued a hand carved (no, not by me!) wooden turtle - that I bought at the beach gift store for $3 - onto the bottom corner.  Viola!  A three dollar drift wood wreath.  If you want one of your own you can buy one on Pottery Barn Teen web site for about $50 (in the shape of a peace sign and minus the shells).

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