Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Messenger Bags (for the kiddos!)

 I'm tired.  It's late- but I just finished sewing the cutest little bag EVER!  I got the pattern and tutorial off of ChezBeeperBebe- one of my favorite blogs.  Her tutorials rock my world.  It was so super easy to follow her instructions, and I even got permission to give myself a high  five at one point.  It was a bit awkward to give myself a high five, but I definitely deserved it! ;)  And can I tell you- I LOVE this bag (wish I didn't have to give it to the kids).  Like Pee-Wee Herman kinda love- I may just marry it- er, maybe not.

I have two more bags all cut out, ironed and ready to be sewn together.  Tomorrow.

Update:  Here's a picture of all three!Nora's is a bit more colorful than the rest...cause she's a girl!  ;)


  1. Awesome! Looks great. Also, sending an extra high five your way. I hope you will share photos of the bags in my Flickr project group, Beeper Bebe Projects Made by You:

  2. U rock! seriously i am the total opposite of u....all i can do is sew a button on.... And that's it!