Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Project List 2011

I have many WIPs (works in progress)  taking up space in my craft room.  I need to complete them, to clear clutter and my mind, and how!
I will be completing 1 project a week for the next ten weeks.  Also each week I will add an item to my etsy shop.
Here is the schedule:

June 13-18  Finish pattern and put together kit for Sock Monkey quilt
June 20-25  Finish cutting and sew together the top of the Single Girl quilt
June 27-July 2  Make a cooking video "How to make Pulled Pork"
July 4-9  Start reupholstering the love seat
July 11-16 Write a pattern for my strawberry fields quilt
July 18-23  Finish the Strawberry Cake quilt
July 25-30  Finish reupholstering the love seat
August 1-6  Build a bridge with Ethan
August 8-13  Organize, Sort, and clean craft room
August 15-20  Halloween Advent Calendar


  1. What about the "Shift Keys" paintings? :-)

  2. Ur r amazing...and I want to see the pulled pork video;)