Friday, June 17, 2011

Old quilt = New Pillow

My mother-in-law pulled out on of her knitted afghans that she had worked on for years...  Some moths and one of her cats had decided to make it home.  It was in terrible shape.  But she loved it, her aunt had started it and then she lovingly had finished it.  So she had it dry cleaned hoping maybe it could be salvaged.
When she realized it couldn't be saved, she was going to throw it away.  Enter crazy daughter in law (me).

MIL:  Kendra, do you think you could use this, maybe do something with it?
Me: That's so cool!  Did you know Chevrons are totally in right now?
MIL:  I know, I love it, it's just full of holes and cat hair, but I hate to throw it away.  My aunt started it and then I spent years working on it to finish it!
Me:  You can't throw it away- it's awsome!  I'll make a pillow out of it!
MIL:  OH!  I knew you'd be able to do something with it.  :)

Guess I have a reputation.
So I took it home and washed it.  Hoping to get more of the cat hair out- I could have recreated a cat from all the hair that came off.  It was pretty funny.  Then I looked through my fabric stash to see if I had something that would work with the colors of the blanket.  Nope.  BUT  I did have some fabric dye and some old painter's drop cloth.  Bingo.  Plus I had this great yellow ribbon that my sister-in-law Kristy had given me because- as she put- she was sure I could do something with it.  Ha!
I measured the extra pillow form I had and cut the drop cloth into a pillow cover.  I dyed the fabric and dipped the ribbon in the dye as well.  The colors were lovely!
I laid out the blanket and found a spot that didn't have damage on it, I pinned the dyed fabric to the blanket, and cut out a square about 3 inches larger than the pillow size.

I sewed first a straight line around the edge and then followed up with a zigzag stitch to make sure that none of the knitting unraveled.
I covered some cotton cord with the ribbon to make some cording for the edge of the pillow.

Then I sewed the three pieces together leaving one end open so I could stuff the pillow in.

I snipped the corners and resewed them for stability.  Then turned the cover inside out.
I ironed the edge and hand sewed the last side together.
I think it turned out beautiful!  Did I mention that chevrons are SO in right now?!

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