Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kind words

In January we sit down as a family and pick a goal we can all work on for the year. Our family decided that we needed more love in our house. So each week we are going to pick something to work on and a way to make it stick.
The kids decided that we shouldn't say mean words to each other (I love it when they know exactly what they are doing wrong :)... Then I asked them what we should do when someone breaks the rule. They brainstormed all sorts if crazy ideas, but we all settled on picking a chore out of a jar.

Now it's up to mom (me) to implement all the ideas so that they are doable and practical enough that we'll stick with it.

It's pretty straight forward, you'll need:
A wide mouth jar
Some pretty scrapbook paper
Two wooden skewers
A printout of the chores

I wrote out a list of quick chores, service, and kind actions on the computer.
Printed them out and cut them into strips.
I printed out "Show Love! No Name Calling!" in a nice font and a large font size. I glued (actually i sewed it so it would look cute) the saying onto the scrapbook paper. Then, I hot glued the skewers to the paper- wider than the mouth of the jar and at an angle so they would fit into the jar, see the photo. You can use Elmer's glue if you don't have a hot glue gun. Then I glued another piece of craft paper to the back to finish it.
I put the sign into the jar and folded all the chores and put them in the jar, done!

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